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We are a 501 C 3 non-profit organization. With the commitment, dedication, and help of our members we is stride to bring people together in the Shelby County and surrounding areas. We support cultural, educational and social community activities and any type of community-building initiative.



History of The Infamous Few: 
       The Infamous Few was originally founded by two men who wanted to see a Charity Motorcycle Organization, in southern Indiana. They looked into a couple of possibilities, eventually choosing one and starting an Indiana chapter with three of their brothers. This chapter quickly grew in membership and brotherhood. Unfortunately, the Organization they had joined turned out to be much different than they had claimed to be. 
         So a question was asked..... What If? As necessity is the mother of all invention, the Indiana chapter decided to go their own way. After several meetings to choose a name and a logo, The Infamous Few was born in January of 2011. 
   We are a charity club focusing on the children and elderly of our community. Though we will try to help any and everyone in our community, we feel that the children are our future and the elderly are our foundation. Without taking care of either, there is not much of a present. 


We are the Infamous Few. We do not do what we do for recognition. We do these things simply because they must be done.

Charity, Honor, Respect, Loyalty: Brotherhood

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